Story of The New Works
@It is these days which this solo exhibition schedule of autumn began to worry. It did not care about the yield till last month, but tried the first, and aggressive work has been done. The work which can be entirely taken out to failure and a solo exhibition is hardly found by the result. This firing was desired by the thought to put an old experience and secure a solo exhibition work to some extent. A result is hit by the accident to which two method plates of merit exceeding a length of 39 inch which was the first guide are broken into two truth before this firing, and this firing is depression-of-spirits feeling a little.

@These three latest works took up the Oribe Jubako, the Oribe Bottle, and the Seto Guro Tea bowl. The new element was added to old work three points, and molding was started from the heights portion to the pipe type in the bowl in the Seto Guro. The Jubako was packed until now by mere molding in which several points were only made and the textures and the Oribe glaze of the clay look nice this time. Although a Bottle can be regarded as heavy by rough molding which is not seen in others just for a moment, it is not so, either. In the clay, by the appearance which had much iron, Oribe's green was pulled by the iron of the clay, and light brown and waited. Although this was not necessarily aimed at ...


ขSeto Guro Tea Bowl Heightฃ
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