Story of The New Works
@Last year, When the new studio was completed, I have decided a thing.@Since, Kiln was built on this back ground, A lot of people support and give me great exertion up to the present. To rebuild a studio, I received great endeavor from the master plan to construction until it resulted. This new studio could not be realize without his cooperation.

@Then, from this new studio, when first work called this was made, I have decided to present it for him. Finaly, I have sent the work to him. It took almost one year from the studio completion. The latest work " Hakusetsu Shino Tea Bowl " is it. I think that the snow which lay deeply, and the color tone which makes the deep pure white which have not existed in 400 years of history since the Shino birth. This does not think perfect. Although it is necessary to add improvement still more, the premonition which is likely to become a work used as the starting point which can hope in the future carries out.

@ I sometimes feel impatience that I have noting to repay your kindness to the people who have an interest in and support me. I think that it will be the only thing that I can requite of a favor, which reaises my works as much as possible. So, I want to raise the perfection of "Hakusetsu Shion" from now on, based on this thought.


ขHakusetsu Shino Tea Bowl Heightฃ
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