Story of The New Works
@Because the private exhibition schedule in Firenze, Italy on March was previously postponed, loosening of the nature has stagnated my work a little. In addition, it takes time very much recently until it faces to the clay. Even if only a past copy is done, it is trivial, and discontented time is long if there is no something new forming expression. Because I don't have a striking talent, I persuade myself not to think too much seriously, and to start the work to temper the clay in feelings to jump onto the train immediately before starting.

@An epoch-making expression doesn't arise easily because it is such a condition, and there is a thing that feelings from which something a fresh expression is requested appear in the work only just a little, too. Three kinds of Oribe, The Basket I tried to express quality of the clay using three kinds of Oribe glaze which is more clear than usual. The Jar had arrived at such shape before it groped if there was something a new forming expression. The Kuro Oribe Tea Bowl, it seems like to feel too self-assertive, however, I think the Tea Bowl to be expressive work such as the forme on the surface, scenery inside the bowl, and the heights. One work seems to end but to continue discontented time for a while.


ขKuro Oribe Tea Bowl Height & Insideฃ
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