Story of The New Works
@  "Be patient! It takes time to accomplish something worthwhile. It takes 10 years for technique, Art for lifetime, and potter for half and your whole life." This word that is my master's habit of saying, alwasy remind me, when I fire Shino every time. Therefore, pottery can not understand until you are reborn and spend half more of your whole life. Each time for firing Shino, I nod at my master's favorite phrase. Various color is shown in the kiln that space is only 27.5 X 43.3 X 31.5 (H). The last time, The time before last, Each time the color is always different by firing. It is mysterious pottery the more and more experience make you not understanding. However, The simplicity that an attractive Shino can be distinction at one time becomes reproachful.

@ By the way, Three of new works, "Kuro Oribe Tea container" lid by Shino. I wonder if i will be ridiculed by the person who did not understand anything about tea ceremony made the tea container. I feel quietly the gotten appearance as looked at taking up in the tearoom by the passing into the person who is unprecedented master of the tea ceremony.

@ "Hakusetsu Shino Tea Bowl" and "Jar" that the
The color of white was able to attempt to more differentiation from existing Shino. But, It is not the one that can be pleased at parting with only by calling original either. It is necessary to have effect, elegance, and dignity for naturally accepted to a Japanese mind our predecessors were so. I think that the Shino is such pottery. Thus, I have to conquer about this Shino more and more.


ขHakusetsu Shino Tea Bowl Heightฃ
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