Story of The New Works
@After finishing firing, I always count my works happily on several days until the works put it out from the kiln. The work which forming looks good what I expected, the work which is masterpiece that yell shut myself up, the work which added a new attempt, and so on. Before, it puts it out from the kiln, the wonderful make is thought and drawn in my head.
@There is such a work where power shut myself up this time. The chest is made to dance the expectation, and opening the door of the kiln, when the truck where the works were loaded, was takend out to outside drawing, the work group that came into existence in this world touches air for the first time.
@ First of all, I always check aim works! "OH MY GOD!" That what I said at the morment.
Believe it or not, one of two masterpiece that queue up inclines, and both stick! "Phew..."It is this moment with the sigh, one of the most expectation that I thought and drawn has vanished transiently always.
@ To our regret, many of the aim works have ended this time by
"Don't count your chickens before they are hatched."... However, I am not discouraged! Because, I enjoy my job with such a scene everytime for 18 years.


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