Story of The New Works
@ Shino firing after an interval of almost 4 months. I purify the kiln place, make a wish about firireing ends safely and good works to the god, and start firing during 100 hours / 4 days as usual. This time, happening was occured that the temperature falls into disorder inside the kiln.
because of rain and the strong wind on the way was caused. The work that can pass the grade is a few, though the result cannot be asserted that the weather is only the cause. Shino does not get the score as always.
@ The latest of this time works are only three. "Hakusetsu Shino Tea Bowl" and "Shino Covered Pot", I think that the goodness of forming covers other negative aspects enough of these two. "Shino Plate", It was second time that I could put out passing grade by the size of 24inch, after the one exhinition at GINZA WAKO last year.
@ By the way, I heard that there is a charm effective well from my daughter yesterday. Do not pray to the god what you want, Thanks for asking was achieved to the god first. Next time, I am going to try this charm when the kiln is firing. "Thank you god for firing ends safely and wonderful works." I will pray to the god.


ขHakusetsu Shino Tea Bowl Heightฃ
Hakusetsu Shino Tea Bowl Height
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