Story of The New Works
@ The first solo exhibition in Rome, Italy from 20th this month. The session opens over a month not normal in japan. The exhibition in foreign countries prepares enough session for the work announcement though the solo exhibition in NY is also, too. It seems to have the sense of mission that the art gallery (those who sponsor it), the sponsor is not only a business but also brings up the artists to the world. Enough length of session, the appeal to media and the collectors, the setting of the lecture, and so on, the sponsor is not regretted those support. Because they kindly think about the artists that is a good oppotunity to get to know to the world.

@@Last month, the art gallery owner came to Japan from Italy. At that time, I asked him about the trend over there, he said that artists do not need to think or care about the trend, just exhibit works based on your belief. the sponsor who makes plan for caremic exhibition in foreign countries, tend to consider "ceramic artist = artist", It is declared. The ceramic artists who only of the copy of similar works for years how many, is not "artist".

@@I have never realized that i am an artist, but I always try to arrange and create new one. That is one of heavy theme for me in working. "It is a theme that the load is heavy compared with the kindness that gives the chance of the work announcement without domestic or foreign countries. And whether sponsor's goodwill can be repaid a little by sincere face to it every day is ฅฅฅ." It is inadvertently answer of asking myself as for these kind of things though it is the usual before and behind the exhibition.


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