Story of The New Works
@ This half year, I was busy for the exhibition in Rome, Tokyo, and New York, and the group exhibition in local cities. I supposed that the enhanced work is made more, and the one-man show hall is buried before the exhibition. But the reality was quite severe and I felt like that I could not achieve the half of my target.
@@The exhibition is big event for me, it is not only evaluation of society to my work but also visiting a lot of country hall, meeting people, food, and culture... five senses are shaken and stimulated that make me fun on the other hand.
@@The other day, I went to the concert and the opera at CARNEGIE HALL and Metropolitan Opera in NY. You may not be so importnat if the art breaks out in daily life. But, when you touch it, you could feel strongly that it is necessary and enrich your heart and mind. If it works similar role to my job I could step up from the category as the occupation. Such a desire was made strong through the exhibition.


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