Story of The New Works
@   This week, I received the coverage of "florists" and "Ginza Wako Chime" magazines.
A common coverage outline to both magazines was posture and idea to work, and I was asked the location of the work in my life.
@@Last year, It was 20th turning point. I am glad to practice that my basic work style is never change from the first time. I just concentrate a piece of work not too many. This is my basic work style. it takes long long time, but each time, I discover the deep inside of the ceramic, mystery of the firing and magnanimous clay. So, I have never tired for my work.

@@Latest work Oribe Vase that is abounding sense of existence in the change that I have ever seen so for. Only this one has come out by such a tone though a similar work is placed by six works and it put it in the kiln.
@@My master always told me that technique for 10 years, art for your life and the work for your life and another half. It was not possible to learn firing, it is too deep and difficult. This habit of saying of the master has become my own habit. I have entered the maze of firing as well as my maseter did.


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