Story of The New Works
@   A solo exhibition will begin on February 14 tomorrow in Ginza Wako hall. It is the fourth solo exhibition in Wako. Past three times, the private exhibition was small and refined space called the art salon which I loved. This time, the work ehibition hall is 23m in depth and 8m in width extensive space.

@@I carried in works and was atend at the exhibition yesterday.While a lot of stuff were working with pride in each role of constructing the hall, the setting of the panel which showed a work exhibition designed fantastically ahead of 2m in height, work placement, illumination, and so on, I had a look at the appearance of construction. By the construction of the ehibition, they were checking delicate position by a leser beam to use in building sites.I was very impressed by the detail work.

@@It is rare cace setting 10 days session except domestic WAKO. also, there is one day off during the settion. It had been done in a relaxed manner was set. It is consideration to show people as many as possible. Setting hall, consideration of the session, I feel as if I have a glimpse of the proof of Ginza Wako being Wako even if I take anything. Art part stuff are very kindly from beginning to end of the session. the comfortable impression will not change every time.

@@I exhibited about 50 picees include three new works ( Shino, Oribe, Kiseto, Setokuro, and Ash-glazed of Tea Bowl, Jar, box, Vase, Burner, Plate, and so on.) which I made it recent two years. It will be happy to show my works to many people.


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