Story of The New Works

@ The visitor from foreign countries doesn't become extinct since the beginning of this year. In the relation that holds the exhibition, the main visitors are from United States and Italy. I could have good time with them several hours even my English is not so good, because it is drawn in the common paragraph each other called 'Yakimono'. Most of visitors from foreign countries are same ceramists and collectors with the great knowledge of the 'Yakimono'.
Therefore, it easy to understand through the appearance, the tools, the material, the works, and so on.

@@Especially they are interested in the work of rough Oribe that made the best use of the feeling of quality of clay, and there are vorious questions about it. The molding method etc, Seeing is believing! I take out the clay and give a demonstration. The purpose is to understand my work of Oribe is characterized more than the technique for the character of the clay.

This new three works, I was conscious of the expression that was able to be done only by material of the clay, same as usual. When the process of firing, glaze was melting, and give varioius happenings and tone. Finally, the complete works make it stand out the material called clay. there might be charm in which person's heart over the race. I feel like that, when I see the eyes of the foreign countries person whom were visited my studio.


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