Story of The New Works

@ CHICAGO SOFA will be held soon this year in November. This is a large-scale art fair which the craft work gathers from all parts of the world. During the session, there are a lot of people whom related to the art and the collector from all over the world. It is a good opportunity to show them my works. My work has been exhibited in the booth for DAIICHI ARTS where in NY for several years. This time, There was an exhibition request in 25 pieces such as Oribe and Shino Box, Plate, bottle, Vase, Incense Burner, and so on.

@@It has been ten years that the work announcement in the United States. I feel strongly to have to add something a new element to current work, and to shift to the work that evolved more. It was necessary to get rid of such mannerism. and then, the latest three works of this time was produced I can not say that the latest works were really drastic ebolution. However, I tried new things that the reduction firing time gave width and the style in kiln was not uniform at this firing. As a result, latest Oribe vase became an indeed baried tone expression. The firing way is changed, and one evolution might be able to be accomplished by adding a new element to Oribe's tone.

@@Two Latest works "Oribe Coverd pot" and "Orive Vase" were exhibited in CHICAGO SOFA. I have a talk event at the hall. So, I have a chance to see and talk to people. What reaction are you in the exhibition works? I want to take time to obserbe the appearance in the hall.


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