Story of The New Works

@ Financial credit shrinkage that originates in the problem at the subprime from the United States invites the simultaneous slowdown of the world economy. Economy suppresses the consumption of the investment of the enterprise and the individual by "Alive one" and "Lack of faith in the future", accelerates economic shrinkage further, and bundles off people to the abyss. However, a disembodied asset-inflated economy is caused on the other hand in time, and people get the boom. The product it is happy or unhappy, all the events are place industries that the person does.

@ All my family told me that it is Lack of faith in the future to be artist, when I was trying to enter the world of the ceramic art. I remember that my family advised to change my mind.
It was natural advice, I was getting 30 years old, and I did not have any knowledge about ceramic, However, I was sure to enter the world. Because I did not have uneasiness in the future career. My father dead, when I was elementary school. So, I had to become independent even though my mother, brother, and the relative supported me. I got a scholarship to go on to university, had a part time job for living, and graduated by myself. Such an experience made my mind to think "Whatever, I can live by myself". Therefore, I did have such uneasiness.

@ Now, I am over 50 years old. There is completely what thought to be uneasy. While holding the worldly thoughts, the conception become poor, and it is not happy to work! My work is no life necessaries. However, it is possible to become rich somehow feelings by the thing in by the side. If such a role to pour enriching into the mind which it dries up can be played, I think it has the existence meaning my work. I want to invent the work that can suddenly forget such feelings today when uneasiness spreads.
0 years old. There is completely what thogutht to


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