Story of The New Works

@ Latest work "Black Oribe Tea Bowl" was able to make a good one after a long time. The viewpoint that exceeded human work was added in the process from the form to firing until completing, It finished impressive tea bowl.

@ "Tea Bowl" that is various beauty and the spirit are condensed to the size where it gets on the hand, and the charm is not exhausted. It actually use for tea, and an indeed graceful even only the deliberate appreciation and intellectual world. I am very lucky, because I am not only as tea bowl lover but also being able to attend the production sence.

@ From producer, I already know It is very hard to clear of many high hurdles that are the form the lip the inside the sole the designs of the tea bowl, the surface of the glaze and firing, from my experience.

@ I had an opportunity to borrow Funseiji tea bowl and black tea bowl made by Okabe Mineo.
It puts it in front of my face, and I was tried to make the copy of the tea bowl so many days. But It is quite too hard. It would be not to be able to copy them, the clay, tools, capability, and sensibility were quite different. However, I think it allows me to study the sense that catches the essence of the thing very much through the work of this copy.

@ The tea bowl is a thing that the beauty and spirit that exceeded consideration and the human work to the person who makes it to author's hand were condensed and expressed. Now since not caught in a predetermined concept on the other hand though this root is considered, I want to invent the tea bowl in this age. And, I will face the clay and try to make better than the latest work "Black Oribe Tea Bowl".

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