Story of The New Works

@ This is the latest 3 works which I produce a solo exhibition at KAWAKAMI Art Club in Ibaraki holding it now. This exhibition received the request of KOKOU in Kanda, Tokyo. In the hall, I accompanied Mr. .Ishii is a president of KOKOU, after a long time for several days.

@ Mr. Ishii has been involved in art of the first class for 40 years since he was joining the art section of Nihonbashi Takashimaya department. Such as Touyou Kaneshige, Toyozou Arakawa, Munemaro Ishiguro, Shouji Kamota, and Yoshimichi Fujimoto and so on. He widely exchanges masters and collectors.

@ According to Mr. Ishii, when the above great masters were surviving, creator, collector who surrounds it, and department store and art member are indeed broad-minded and have a large heart. "Whatever, it likes work of art and craft goods and the attainments are also deep." Those people were briskness about it. It was an indeed interesting age.

@ There is one episode. When Mr. Ishii was joining the art section of Nihonbashi Takashimaya department, He put the work in a famous collector. That night, the reason was not reported and he was suddenly called to come to the restaurant by the collector. When he timidly came to there, there was the work in the room. The collector wanted to share the pleasure to get the good work with him. At that time, variety of art preaching developed, and indeed a lot of things were learnt there. The thing is clearly memorized to him now.

@ Person who creates work, person who sells work, and person who requests work. These three people are closely related that the world of the art develops more and more. Such a desire was made strong hearing his story. The environment that surrounds the art is server. However, there are people whom it is enjoyed to understand essence. I want you to tell the charm and interest the next generation, and wish to bring up young generation who pays attention to the art.

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