Story of The New Works

@ It becomes a quarter of a century since I step into the world of ceramic art when I was 30 years old in the near future. I was able to spend every day that had been given as it was lucky, and I am full of the gratitude. Various knowledge and educations that derive from relations to the ceramic art are obtained. Also, I could get a good oppotunity to connect with good human relations without regard to occupation, age, coming from, or nationality at various inside and outside the countory place exhibition. If I did not step into this world, I could not get all the experience, or it might be people who do not have the chance to meet of my life .

@ During I feel as stated above, I ask myself about the production attitude being made mannerism a little recently for the people who assist and interset in my work. I deligeretely want to think continuing one and one that it is necessary to change it, and to restructure current work this year.

@ The first firing in this year, I worked such a desire. Shape is composed a basic motif of ›ข  design, and Two character as a functionality as the container and a sculptural forming thing is expressed. I devise a plan to enjoy the shape from 360 times by the direction.
Therefore, I want to aim at the work that contains the element as the ornament that bears not only the functionality for the future but also appreciation more. In the future, I want to advance it as a consistent theme where the design that composes of ›ข  also expresses me.

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