Story of The New Works

@ The next day I finished firing and completed new works, the massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit east cost of Japan. This quake spawned deadly tsunami left a huge swath of devastation and break people's peaceful life in an instant. In addition to these problems, people are really worry about collapsed buildings , much mud slides and fire. Also, they are really concerned about radioactive contamination. I am shocked and feel rather powerless what I saw such as natural disaster. I express my deepest sympathies to victims and to their families.

@ Change the subject. I have a hard time with pursuing more fabulous creation to find something fresh. I think if shapes would be not attractive, they were no value. Even they had good hue. When I check my finished works I often take a hard look at myself because there must be more points that I should have paid attention. Therefore, I feel strongly like that I had a great deal of difficulty in making these my latest 3 pieces. So,
I wonder how you feel to see them.

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