Story of The New Works

@ The composition design of the solo exhibition catalogue of holding in September is finished and the data has been handed to the printer. I put all of this book together from the cover to contents and the both sides paper. I found that the difference of size of the character, the photograph, the arrangement and so on made an impression change greatly by repeating to make it experimentally. This will be caused by the position of expressive space in which bigness and smallness.

@ Talking of expressive space, it is an important problem for me who should strongly consider it, when the work is made. Also, the mode of expression is wide. If the comparison of two conflicting elements is expressed, the expressive space can be felt in that. For instance, when the surface of clay is rough and plain are combined and the work is made, plain side reflects as expressive space. The expression of an agreeable space thinks that it greatly controls the quality of the work. I felt "Profound key point about the space" is important thing strongly through the design for the illustrated book. This book, the space is taken enough, a two]page spread, left side is work and the work name written with Indian ink on the right side, and the work photograph is simply arranged, I was considered the catalogue that became a different from the common one. I am looking forward to completion.

@ The latest three works, it chose from the kiln of Shino these firing several times. Ash Glazed Vase and Shino Vase had been fired with charcoal inside fireproof case. Each work was absorbed the carbon of charcoal. It was kiln effects and obtained unexpected color. Snow|colored Shino Vase, I am aiming at the completion of "Snow|colored Shino" as my original Shino. As my original naming, pure-white feeling like snow. Up to now, it was able to be taken pure-white Shino that have really attractive pinkish pure white several time before. If all works in the kiln would be failure, I am trying unstable firing again to get such a great work I used to get.

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