Story of The New Works

@ The International Ceramic Festival (Wales, UK) in July and the solo exhibition at Ginza WAKO (Tokyo, JAPAN) in September. Major festivals followed, I was busy these past few months to respond. In ICF, I was blessed with the opportunity to introduce and appeal my work outside the country and make friends with many countries of ceramic artist and fan. I have had much precious experiences.

@ In the solo exhibition at WAKO hall, I have made it in line with my intentions (catalogue, DM, the hall composition, show window, display, and etc...) with the cooperation of the staff of the WAKO. I have held the satisfactory exhibition. While the environment which surrounds the world of ceramic art are going from bad to worse day by day. But, fortunately, my solo exhibition finished with great success much more than expected. I would like to thank many people who came to the exhibition and the staff of the WAKO from the bottom of my heart.

@ This latest work, three Kiseto works were taken up. They are still incomplete. So I can't explain much about it. However, the new discovery which leads to the future was also obtained from these three works. Although trial and error will be repeated for a while, I would like this Kiseto to be my original style and improve as much as possible.


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