Story of The New Works

@ After a long time, three works of Shino which can be put on view at this corner were produced from kiln the other day. For the first time in six years, three works have been put on view since 2006. It had not been produced a satisfactory work of Shino in the past several years. A great deal of failed Shino shards were scattered at the backyard of my studio.

@ The person who was working for the Takashimaya art dealer before told me that " Toyozo Arakawa known as a living national treasure, has not done the solo exhibition 10 times through the lifetime." That means, even the great Shino master could not leave many good his shino works. Result, attractive Shino can not produce simply. When I heard the fact, a feeling will become easy for a while.

@ New work "Shino Jar" is molded by scraping technique, rugged surface of clay and plain surface consist of contrast, the rugged surface applied to Shino glaze thinly, and the plain surface applied to Shino glaze thickly. Satisfactory, thinly part is beautiful scarlet hue, and the contrast with the thickly part has expressed well. About the Shino Tea Bowl, the surface expression was added with drawing a circle phase to scratch with a finger after applied to Shino glaze. Although it is not visible with the photograph, red scarlet is expression on the bottom of the Tea Bowl, and it was finished in a richly expressive beauty Tea Bowl.

@ Although I have been struggling to improve my Shino works more than a quarter of a century, But unfortunately, I cannot be found out definitely how to fire Shino yet. It is really difficult. My master often said to me "It takes three years for peach and chestnut to harvest, persimmon eight years, acquiring for skills ten years and techniques throughout our life, and ceramic art takes a lifetime and half" I strongly sympathize with his lesson phrase.


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