Story of The New Works

@ Den-enchofu, Ota-ku, Tokyo where a luxury home stands in a row, It arrives at the shop "Kizan" which treats a ceramic art work in 5 minutes on foot from a station. With a storekeeper, it becomes the association since 15 years from opening, and private life is a mysterious woman. She is popular with trust while keeping a comfortable sense of distance with the visitor. The sensitivity to watch the thing of the storekeeper is clear, there is no compromise, and she does not flatter an artist. It is charmed by such a storekeeper's single-minded posture. That is why there are many women among visitors overwhelmingly regardless of age.

@ I am the only one ceramic artist who lives in Tokyo to treat in this shop. It is called "The artist that it is the nearest and is the farthest." because I cannot readily meet the demand of the storekeeper. Still paying attention is really appreciated without being given up since opening. This time I had the opportunity of the second private exhibition, she was telling the visitor hotly about the display work at the hall. I have to raise quality much more and more not to betray the words of the storekeeper when I looked at the state I strongly thought that production must go the attractive work.

@ This latest work, I exhibited Oribe jar at a private exhibition in gKizanh. I think that I was finished in a work having high completeness by total including the molding and the glaze hue. "Shino Incense Burner" and "Kiseto Covered Box" intend to exhibit at two-person exhibition in the United States next month. I announce my works in the United States more than ten years, but it is the first time to exhibition of such works. So, I am looking forward to see what kind of reaction there is in the hall.


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