Story of The New Works

@ Tokyo Gakugei University is near this studio. The university is opened around 10 PM. So, I take a walk in premises with my wife arround 40 minutes every day after dinner. The premises are very large, and most things which a car goes back and forth cannot be found, it is such a nice place for taking a walk. At the same time, zelkova, cherry blossoms, various trees and plants grow thick, they impress a change of a season sensitive. These days, it is getting warm. The bud of a cherry tree is swelling to bloom impending. Also, the twig of trees began to bud. It turns around a nature usual and it does not wipe out the breath of a life. I am just wished this forcible circulation continues forever.

@ This latest three work from Oribe firing were taken up. This plate was painted with iron glaze on white slipped body. It is one of the traditional Oribe techniques. Since the technique was hardly used until now, a completion work is felt a little fresh. I would like to consider new deployment using the technique from now on. Other two works are incense burner. With a photograph, it is only a figure of one side. If the work is rotated, it will change to another modeling. "One work can be enjoyed from various angles." I am making the work being strongly conscious of this thing. Ceramic art becomes an attractive work to the element harmonizes well, such as modeling design, texture of the clay, and the glaze hue. It is hard to clear only one of these element. If it conquers three element, it would be the most difficult work. One day, I would like to produce the extreme work. This thing is a big driving force which continues this work now.


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