Story of The New Works

@ There are only 2 month this year too. In Japan, the government have changed and economic condition show sighs improving for the better. But now we have a lot of serious problem. For example, the response to the nuclear accident, the problem of social security, raising the consumption tax, political circumstances, the trends of society and the economy in the world etc. We often hear unbelievable tragic news and see the people behaved outrageously not only young but even aged person. I think these phenomena are caused by lacking moral discipline and social environmental strictness, which have brought about economic globalization progresses. Our considerate and thoughtful act might become thin. This may not change until everyone not only the strong but also the weak would feel a sense of danger falling into ruin.

I finally update the latest work at this corner. I have been devoted to creating new work without holding a big exhibition this year. However, unfortunately I can hardly get good result. So I havenft been able to update this corner for a few months. These latest three works are taken up from Oribe firing last week. The first is Kiseto jar based on combining both the artificial design that oribe glaze applied to and the texture of the clay@produced accidentally. That is I tried to combine both artificiality and an accidental expression. The second work is Oribe vase produced scooping (kurinuki) technique. This is my first work like this size and form. The third one is Oribe tea bowl. This piece was created with the conscious of dynamic characteristic of Oribe. When I made it, I used some special techniques, for example, using scooping technique on a hand wheel for producing lopsided shape, some kind of oribe glazes applied to it unevenly, fired it lie down and so on. As a result, this tea bowl had a richly expressive beauty through the irregular technique. It is very interesting for me to make my works through combing both intention of my own and reflecting nature in some way. So I want to imbue my works with above sense forever.


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