Story of The New Works

@ There is a solo exhibition in the Boston suburbs Concord, Lacoste gallery, and a group exhibition in Britain Oxford this month. In the direction of the solo exhibition is exhibition of about 40 works focusing on Oribe, and the group exhibition is an exhibition of Teabowl, it adds present ceramic artists to past artists such as Hamada Shouji and Bernard Leach from British in and outside the country, and the works of 60 artists are exhibited. I sent the Teabowl of Oribe, Black Oribe, and Kiseto. Although it is a small bowl which rides on a hand, th touched feeling and matiere are directed a wonderful charm towards the person who gain. It is a very interesting point about how it is reflected in the eyes of the visitor in Britain.

@ The latest work after a long time. If the same work as the past is repeated and made, the work will also progress. But then, it is not interesting. However, some new elements are added, and if it tries to make new one that is not exist in the past, suddenly, the work will not progress, suddenly. That's why it took a time to make "latest work". These three latest works and an unprecedented point are the works which clarified orange scarlet and Oribe's green. These three latest works, unprecedented orange scarlet and Oribe green hue are clearly confronted with the work, and then, An accidental expression which glaze drooping made during firing was expected. I think that the latest works met the expectation for a while. Although it is late to make a work from such a situation, I would like to purify myself so that the next latest work can be advanced as soon as possible.


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