Story of The New Works

@ The 6th time of solo exhibition is held from Friday, this week at GINZA WAKO in Tokyo. It has been used shaping and firing way to cause an accident as much as possible, and preparations of this exhibition have been advanced to expect the work by created accidently such as the character of clay and a richly expressive glaze.

@ Accident equals unstably. When inventing an unexpected attractive work, there is also tragedy nothing. I was just working harder and harder at the final stage for exhibition preparations. The cause? I had various physical condition something unusual which is alopecia areata, fever, otorrhea, and stroll, that I have never experienced. But, an outcome isn't obtained so that it was expected. There was also a situation a heart seems to break.

@ Times like those. "Be patient! It takes time to accomplish something worthwhile. It takes 10 years for technique, Art for lifetime, and potter for half and your whole life." This word that is my master's habit of saying, alwasy remind me. and the lesson is "The work which I think can't do that easily." Those word make me relax and healthy. So that, it was possible to arrange this works in order just before the exhibition. While holding feeling that I could do more various things, this exhibition will start tomorrow.


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